Castle Porcelain Paving

We are pleased to introduce our range of Porcelain Stoneware Paving suitable for indoor and outdoor applications Castle Porcelain Stoneware Paving is manufactured and designed to replicate the aesthetics of natural stone, granite,  wood decking and marble without the maintenance or slip resistance issues associated with these products. 

Our porcelain paving products are manufactured using the finest materials, machinery and techniques to ensure all our tiles are of the highest quality. As our porcelain products are almost completely non porous they are very easy to clean. All our surface finishes have been tested for slip resistance giving excellent results.

SBR Bonding Agent

A bond bridge layer is required when laying in Mortar. We keep SBR bonding agent in stock for this purpose if required. The bond bridge should be created by mixing the SBR bonding agent into a slurry and painting it onto the back of each tile when laying

The most popular recipe uses nothing more than liquid SBR with ordinary cement. A small quantity of the SBR is placed into a bucket and then dry cement is slowly added and stirred in until the desired consistency is achieved.

The slurry should then be painted onto the back of each tile when laying.Care should be taken not to get the slurry onto the tile surface. It is good practice to check each tile for slurry marks as you lay and clean before it sets.
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